Voluntary & Statutory Regulation

CAHSC: Protecting and PromotingCAHSC: a voluntary regulator setting standards that promote good practice in anthroposophic health & social care

Voluntary regulation

There is currently no statutory body specifically regulating anthroposophic health and social care professionals in the UK and Ireland. Through voluntary regulation we aim to help protect the public by setting standards for our registrants which promote good practice in anthroposophic health and social care.

Some anthroposophic health and social care practitioners are in professions that are statutorily regulated. These are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, art therapists, certain social care workers.

Where there is a requirement for statutory registration, the CAHSC only registers practitioners who are also registered with the relevant statutory regulator. In such cases their CAHSC registration is primarily concerned with the specifically anthroposophic elements of practice.

Protection of title

AnthroMed UK/IE PractitionerUnlike statutory regulators, we do not have legal powers to protect professional titles. However, only those registered with us may use the international quality mark AnthroMed®.

While we cannot prevent anthroposophic health or social care professionals not registered with us practising, through our register the public, service users and employers can choose CAHSC registered practitioners.  Many anthroposophic organisations encourage those working with them to register with CAHSC.

Recognition for voluntary regulation

The anthroposophic health and social care movement in the UK & Ireland recognises the need to maintain, develop and monitor standards of education and training, professional conduct and practice in anthroposophic medicine, therapies, curative education/social pedagogy and social therapy. It supports voluntary regulation of the anthroposophic health & social care professions by CAHSC.

The UK government has also recognised the potential value of self-regulation amongst the health and social care professions not statutorily regulated. It outlined this in the Command Paper ‘Enabling Excellence’ (Feb 2011) and made provision for the setting up of an Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) scheme by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) to assure the quality of voluntary registers.

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Statutory regulation

There are a number of statutory regulators for the health and social care professions in the UK and Ireland.  These are set up by Acts of Parliament and have certain legal powers, including protection of professional titles.

To find out more about the statutory health and care regulators in the UK visit the Professional Standards Authority website.

A number of our registrants are required to register with one of these statutory regulators in order to practise their profession. These are:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Arts therapists
  • certain Social Care workers

We check that where statutory registration is required, those registering with us are on the appropriate register.