Education & training

Anthroposophic health & social care professionals are trained in a variety of ways and in varying contexts.  They have different types and levels of qualification, as appropriate to their profession.

To help ensure that those on our register have been adequately trained to practise their profession safely and competently, we:   

  • Set standards of competence for each of the professions we register
  • Quality assure standards of education and training through the Medical Section or General Section, Dornach, Switzerland (for more see Recognised qualifications and trainings)
  • Offer practitioners in some professions who do not have a recognised qualification the opportunity to submit a portfolio of evidence demonstrating that they have the necessary training, skills and experience to practise their profession safely and competently.

Standards of competence

Standards of Competence (SoC) describe what registrants should know, understand and be able to do, with regards to their anthroposophic health or social care profession, at the time they apply to join the register.

See Standards of Competence to find out more >



External accreditation of trainings

We support good standards of education and training in anthroposophic health and social care, which are appropriate in level and content for each profession. We encourage anthroposophic trainings to seek external accreditation within the UK & Ireland

Quality assurance

We expect that trainings recognised by the CAHSC for registration will equip their graduates to meet our SoC.  Each of the trainings which we recognise has been quality assured by the International Medical or General Section at the Goethenum, Dornach, Switzerland.

Find out more about our recognised qualifications and trainings:

Where to train in UK & Ireland

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