End your Registration

To leave the register your must fill in a Voluntary Removal Form.

This includes a declaration stating that you are not aware of any matter which could result in an allegation regarding fitness to practise being made against you.

You must also send us your certificate of registration.

You will no longer be entitled to use the CAHSC registered mark or the AnthroMed mark for your profession.  You must make sure that you remove both marks from any of your practice materials or promotional leaflets.

To end your registration

Download a Voluntary Removal Form here

   Voluntary Removal Form.pdf
   Voluntary Removal Form.doc

To apply for readmission

If it is less than three years since your registration with the CAHSC ended you may be able to apply for readmission.  You will need to have kept up to date with regards your professional practice and that you still meet all the CAHSC requirements for registration.

Download a Readmission Form here

   Readmission to register Form Aug 15.pdf
   Readmission to register Form Aug 15.doc


If it is more than 3 years since you were last registered with the CAHSC you will need to re-apply for registration:  Find out more >