Fitness to Practice

Fitness to Practice


Being fit to practise means that you have the knowledge, skills, behaviour and health to practise safely and competently.

The public and those who use your services have the right to expect that you are fit to practise your chosen anthroposophic health or social care profession.

To help ensure this the CAHSC has set standards for professional conduct and competence in anthroposophic health or social care.  We expect you to meet these throughout your registration with us. 

Where concerns are raised about your fitness to practise, the relevant Standards of Competence and Code of Practice will be considered in deciding whether you have fallen short of the standards we expect of our registrants and if so, what action we need to take.

Your fitness to practise may be impaired by:

  • your health
  • your conduct, including convictions/cautions
  • your performance

The CAHSC Council

If your fitness to practise is found to be impaired the CAHSC can:

  • Issue you with a warning
  • Attach conditions to your professional practice
  • Suspend you from the CAHSC register
  • Remove you from the CAHSC register.

When a complaint is made about meTo find out what happens if a concern is raised about you download our brochure:

When a complaint is made about me