Who We Are

The Council for Anthroposophic Health & Social Care (CAHSC) is the voluntary regulator for the anthroposophic health and social care professions in the UK and Ireland. 

House of Lords

The 2000 House of Lords Select Committee report recommended that complementary health care professions which were not statutory regulation should be responsible for self-regulating. 

The anthroposophic health and social care professions responded to this by setting up the CAHSC.

What is anthroposophic health and social care?

Anthroposophic health and social care is an integrative and extended approach to health and social care which aims to take a holistic view of the individual.  As an international movement it has its centre in Dornach, Switzerland, with an office for the UK& Ireland in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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Anthroposophic Health ahasc.org.uk medsektion-goetheanum.org
Anthroposophic Social Care ahasc.org.uk khsdornach.org