Working with Public & Professions

CAHSC: Protecting and Promoting

As a voluntary regulator we seek to:
> engage with the public & the professions
> promote good practice & build confidence
    in anthroposophic health and social care


We maintain links with:

> services users through:

  • PAFAM: Patients & Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine
  • AHaSC: UK Movement for Anthro Health, Education & Social Care

> the professions through:

  • professional associations
  • registrant members of Council
  • profession specific advisors: who advise Council on profession specific issues
  • IKAM: International Coordination group for Anthroposophic Medicine

The CAHSC seeks to:

Update anthroposophic associations and organisations on our activities
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Consult with the professions on regulatory issues which affect the professions
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Engage with other relevant stakeholders to help protect the health, safety and well-being of service users and the public by promoting good practice in anthroposophic health & social care.
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